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Name:Dylan Trowell [Heroes OC]
Birthdate:Oct 19, 1976
I am not Desmond Harrington, he belongs to himself. Dylan Allan Trowell is the mental property of myself, concepts he is based upon belongs to Tim Kring. Please, do not sue! Mun and Muse are way over the age of 18. Thank you!


NAME:Dylan Allan Trowell
AGE / DOB: 19 October 1976, Savannah, Georgia, USA Age 32
ABILITY:(explain what the ability entails)Powers- Agrokenesis
From Activating Evolution
Agrokinesis or Phyllokinesis is the Anomalous ability to mentally manipulate wood, plants and flowers. Using this ability, one could grow plants to enormous proportions nearly any environment, and use them as weapons that can grab and attack with vines and roots (or release neurotoxins and pheromones), which quickly regenerate at the user’s will. Sometimes people can even control plants in their concentrated form, like clothes, paper and money.
SEXUAL ORIENTATION: (for stats)- Straight
BIOGRAPHY: (at least 4 paragraphs AND/OR 15 detailed facts)
16 Facts about Dylan Trowell.
1) He was born in Savannah Georgia. His mother Melissa George,(Deceased) and father Allan Trowell,(Deceased), who emigrated from Ireland and became a postal worker. Dylan's mother was a high end model for the Ford Agency when she met Dylan's step father, Michael Bradley. She had let Dylan's father, Allan when Dylan was 13 and his little sister, Melissa, who was 5 years old. She had left both children with their father, too busy with the life of a model to worry about being with her family or children. Dylan's father became an alcoholic, he would usually go to the bar every day right after work and drink until ten o'clock in the evening then he would come home and pass out. This left Dylan in charge of the house and his little sister. He was never upset about this fact, he loves his little sister more then life itself. Allan finally got his act together though when a fire broke out in their home and he wasn't there, leaving Dylan in charge of getting himself, his sister and the family pet out of the house. This was the first time Dylan experienced the use of his powers. He made a tree branch grow and then had it punch through the wall and wrap around the pipes in the house, flooding it with water. Allan decided to become a 12 stepper and also got back in touch with their mother. He wanted a semi united household, spending holidays together and the like.

2) Allan loved his own parents and country so much so that he got both of his children duel citizenship for both America and Ireland. Every summer he would send the kids to Ireland to spend with their family, get to know their heritage and to get some sense of real family values. Dylan loved it so much, he picked up the Irish language and taught it to his little sister. He taught her also how to read and write in it as well. He made many friends too. One of them being Grainne O'Grady, who later on in his life became his more serious girlfriend and fiancée. He loved Grainne so much so, that they got married in Ireland, then he moved her to the United Stated when he was 23, working toward a career in the FBI. He went to Georgia State University , where he studied both Criminal Law and Media Arts, he was very much interested in working on America's Most Wanted, that didn't pan out, but he managed to get involved in the FBI Academy with good grades. He graduated out of Quantico, where he met his best friend, Jeremiah Cassidy. They wound up becoming partners and very, very close friends.

3) Grainne passed away from Leukemia when Dylan was 27 and Grainne was only 25. It was a battle she had fought and won at an early age. She was in and out of hospitals and doctor's offices from the age of 7 to the age of 10. Miraculously, she beat it and lived a very health life. Concerns about her Leukemia coming back though is what forced the hand of Dylan asking her to marry him at a very early age. One decision in his life that he would never, ever regret. He got to spend many years being her best friend and then her husband, sadly she passed away right around the time they decided to finally have children. They fought the good fight, trying for two years and when they thought they might never get pregnant, they decided they would be happy adopting if it came down to it. The paper work for a child passed through the day he had to bury her body in the cold ground. He told the adoption agency to take them off the list after that. He keeps her wedding band and his on a chain around his neck at all times. He also had a black rose tattoo on his inner right arm with her name inscribed and her death date. June 25th.

4) Dylan's little sister followed in Dylan's foot steps as well, she went to Georgia State and began studying Criminal Law, her goal is to graduate college and start Quantico. The last time Dylan heard from his little sister, she was still attending Georgia State when this whole mess broke out. He has no idea if she is a part of these camps, she never told him about any powers, but that didn't mean anything.

5) Dylan has a very familial type view of his FBI partner, when Jer was cornered and forced into working for Nathan Petrelli's new goon squad that took in people like them and put them in concentration camps. It was pretty much right after Jer told him about his 'powers', the problem was that Dylan noticed people looking at Jeremiah strangely, when he went to go and talk to him about that and also about his own powers, he found out that Jer. forced into doing this job. Fearing that something terrible would happen to Jeremiah, especially after what happened with Grainne, Dylan was afraid he would lose Jer if he didn't protect him. Dylan stopped using his powers, got very suspicious about things and even paranoid. The paranoia even got the best of him at one point, he almost lost his job as an FBI agent. So, he pulled his head out of his ass, continued to watch his back in a very non-paranoid kind of a way. He would move heaven and earth to make sure Jeremiah was safe.

6) Since his wife's death Dylan poured himself into his job and using hookers, OK well one particular hooker. She knew about his job, his life, his everything. He tended to view her as a girlfriend, even though she wasn't. he may have paid for the sex, but it wasn't the sex that he went after when it came to Emma. She was a high class sort, very pretty and very much a professional. He would tell her about his week, his life, his wife and family and he never had to worry about them ever becoming a real relationship. This way it could free him up to look for Jer. and also to do the best job he possibly could do. There were no strings attached and he didn't have to worry about disease, or not calling her every day. He made sure she was safe and out of the tabloids and papers. He would lie and tell his coworkers that they were an item, bringing her to different company functions or parties. She died when the virus first broke out. Because of that, he sort of gave up on relationships, friendships and dating after that.

7) So afraid that he would become an alcoholic, like his father was, Dylan immersed himself into the straight edge lifestyle early on in life. He didn't use medications unless it was absolutely necessary, he didn't drink or smoke. He did, however, immerse himself in watching movies a lot and also into Karate and Tae Kwan Do. Like languages, he loved the movement and the poetry of those disciplines. He quickly earned his black Belts and poured all his energy into events. As he got older, he started teaching them, on his free days, to kids at the local YMCA and Christian Center near his home in New York City. He loved the kids and loved their exuberance and willingness to learn.

8) When Dylan first learned of his ability during the fire in his house, he was very nervous about it. He worried that people would see him as a freak of nature. So, he hid it well. Then one day, he began to realize how cool his abilities actually were. He would find a deserted place in a nearby woods where he would open up and explore his abilities to their fullest. He could made trees and flowers grow, more importantly he could use tree branches as weapons and rip other trees in half. He was on top of the world. His sister followed him out into the woods one day and watched him as he played around with these new abilities. She came out of her hiding place, which scared the crap out of him. She wound up wrapped up in a tree branch cocoon. He yelled at her, she laughed, thinking it was the coolest thing in the world. So, he would take her with him to watch his progress. She never told him if she could do anything like he could, but she would hint at it on the rare occasion. Mostly, these little zingers would fly right past him until he was laying in bed later that night and that was when it would finally hit him. She would already be asleep, not wanting to wake her up he would let her sleep. In the morning when he would be making her breakfast though, she would act like she didn't know what he was talking about. Thus he would drop it until the next time. He never did get a chance to find out what her abilities happened to be, he always wondered if they were similar to his or something completely new and different.

9) Dylan does not like to celebrate his birthday, because his birthday is also the same day as his wedding to Grainne, the day he turned 18 was the day he asked her to marry him and then a year later when he was 19 years of age, they got married. He finds the day way too painful.

10) He doesn't let many people know this, but Grainne used to love to crochet and knit. Dylan loved spending all of his time with Grainne growing up and then when they were married. He found that taking an interest in what she liked to do, especially when he had limited amounts of time with her, like during their summer holidays before he turned 17 and gradated High School and could spend more time in Ireland with her. He learned how to do both, because it would give him hours upon hours of time to sit and talk with her, learning how to knit or picking out patterns that they would work on. Every second with her was nirvana for him. To this day he still crochets and knits, but he doesn't let on to anyone. Especially, not any of his male friends, who would probably ream him for it.

11) He grew up hating Catholicism, but when he decided to marry his wife and they were very much into the whole being Catholic thing, Dylan decided to actually get baptized again, plus enter Sunday school, even though he was 17 years old. He actually fell in love with the whole religion, the background and its tenants. He is, to this day, a devote Catholic. Going to church on Sundays, and high holy days.

12) Because of his new found love of religion and his all time love of his wife, Dylan now goes to Hospital for Children with Leukemia every Sunday and reads to them, brings them toys, talks to them. He's never missed a day in the past 10 years.

13) When Dylan was forced into working or Nathan Petrelli, on his team that rounds up people like him and Jer and put them in a concentration camp. Dylan went back to the hospital he used to read and talk to children with Leukemia. The hospital itself was a mess, the floors were littered with paper, cups, furniture and so on. Even though one of the wing was still open and catering to sick children, it just seemed a wreck with these groups of people going out and rounding up any and all people with powers. Even sick children. Dylan couldn't handle the fact that it seemed so broken because of all the people being suddenly carted out without a reason. It was also hard, because these kids were sick and dying, a lot of the children he spoke to every week were gone or going, it broke his heart. He had a nervous breakdown in the middle of that ward, throwing furniture around, punching the wall and crying for four hours straight. He was never the same after that, a small part of him having died with the man, who kept facing adversity by turning the other cheek. He didn't tell the FBI about it, but he became a little darker, meaner, angrier, he even closed himself off to the people he worked with. No longer the fun loving, funny, crazy person that was Jeremiah Cassidy partner, or the hopeful, soulful man he became because of Grainne.

14) Even though a large part of him has become closed off since the he was forced into being a lackey for the man, he still hopes and prays that he will either run into his little sister again. His life would be made if he managed to run into her again and she forgave him for his sins. The one person who means the world to him, besides his dead wife and Jer.

15) Now with the his wife gone and most of the world is in chaos. Dylan hopes to open himself to love again. He knows that the world needs some hope and love to grow again and that means that the people still walking the earth to this day need to find each other, and procreate. He knows that Grainne would be happy for him, as she watches from the other side. Until the day that he can find himself back in her loving arms again.

16) To this day, Dylan is very worried and uncomfortable about this whole rounding up his kind situation. He never really displayed his powers to anyone outside of his family, he never even told his partner. Kind of scared to do so. Still, he had no idea if anyone has intel on him and that is why he is here rounding them up along side Jer, or if they really do know and are fucking with both himself and Jer?

NAME: D for short
AGE: (please be over 16) 33/1976
AIM: (can be IC or OOC):
EXAMPLES:(at least two (2) 3rd-person samples)
JOURNAL:Dylan_Trowell dylan_trowell
PLAYED-BY: (state whether or not they were held for you) yes and Photobucket

Background: They met at Quantico when they were assigned and were then transferred out to NYC. The two hit it off immediately and ended up becoming best friends (something on a mildly silly level like Shawn and Gus from "Psych" or JD and Turk from "Scrubs"). Jeremiah's ability first manifested as a result of a job he and his partner were working. The write up from his bio is here:

During a raid that both he and his partner were assigned to, Jeremiah had gone around back to cover the exit with a couple of SWAT members. When gunfire erupted inside, Jeremiah immediately moved in (worrying about his partner, he didn't bother waiting for confirmation from the front before moving his team in). He was met with a small handful of armed men who had been attempting to make their escape out the back. Faced with the threat of receiving a bullet between the eyes at near point-blank range, Jeremiah was standing five feet from the man one second and, the next, he was 10 feet away, flat on his back, and the back of the building was falling apart. The burns sustained from the explosion healed themselves immediately, and Jeremiah was without a scratch, despite the fact the energy burst took out the man who had before him (and caused a power outage on the entire block). While Jeremiah's team, the suspects, and even some of his partner's team had sustained minor (and some major) injuries, Jeremiah had come out unscathed.

After telling his family, the first person Jeremiah told about his ability was his partner and, up until he was abducted, his partner was the only non-relative Jeremiah told. When Jeremiah went missing two years later, his partner tried to conduct an investigation (he was the one who tried to report him missing), but nothing ever came of the search.

Potential: The partner still works for the FBI now and Jeremiah has been trying to locate him. I would like for his partner to eventually decide to work with Jeremiah to find out more about The Company and possibly even help him when it comes to figuring out how to get revenge and even to eventually try to dig up information about the company Jeremiah is ultimately going to work for (Pinehearst). I'd also like for his partner to help Jeremiah get his job back as an FBI agent and they can be partnered up together, again.

Specifics: I would prefer the partner be male, but that can be changed. The partner should be between 29-35 as far as age goes, but the exact age, the background, and even whether or not they have an ability is completely up to the player. As far as PB suggestions: Nathan Fillion, Christian Kane, Dulé Hill, Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Phillippe.
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